About us

Aquavita Spa Retreats is the gate of Cretan spirit. Being a traditional destination, Crete is known for its rich natural products such as olive oil, honey, and wine. These products have been used for ages by Cretans as skincare remedies due to their beneficial ingredients.

Here, in Aquavita Spa Retreats, we bring you closer to that spirit by using only high quality traditional Cretan products for our treatments. In all our spa services we use naturally extracted products that treat your skin with respect.

Your visit to Aquavita Spa Retreats is the key to relaxation and luxury.
You can enjoy our treatments at two different luxurious locations by the sea with an amazing view. Find us at Kahlua Hotel & Spa and Palmera Beach Hotel & Spa in Chersonnisos and relax in the hands of our certified and qualified staff. Our services include among others: hot tubs, body and face treatments, saunas, and massages. You can also book a ‘couples massage’ session to have a moment of relaxation with your significant other.

Running a spa is about creating the right experience.

Aquavita Spa Retreats company specializes in providing assessment, design development and execution for spa business success.

We help businesses succeed by finding the necessary solutions to achieve better results, faster. Within an ever-changing industry such as the wellness and spa industry, we certainly understand the importance of keeping businesses flexible and nimble in order to take advantage of the growing trends.

The approach is customized and scalable to meet the varying need of our clients. The success of our work depends highly on the mutual commitment of clients and consultant to the project goals, process, and deliverables. From initial concept to the grand opening, we transform spa visions into amazing guest experiences delivering significant commercial potential.

Our highly efficacious and wonderfully skincare companies that we cooperate will definitely enhance spa experience and generating additional sales revenue. More precisely Aquavita Spa Retreats company focuses on Market Analysis, Strategy and Conceptual Design, Investment Costs, Spa Business Result Outlook and Economic Analysis.

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